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Sketch Gay OnlyFans Revealed & Kendricks “Not Like Us” Video Reaction

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Sketch Gay OnlyFans Revealed & Kendricks “Not Like Us” Video Reaction

10 Juli 2024

YERRR, the Flagrant team reacts to Sketch's OnlyFans revelations; explain their weekend in the Hamptons with Lil Mabu; talk about Kendrick's new music video; and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Sketch allegations 5:34 Is faking corn the new wave? We all want to be wanted 11:46 Straightest way being gay; where’s the line? ALEXX KNOWS TOO MUCH 17:30 Weezy is Flagrant’s fact-checker 19:10 Taylor Swift’s team lied to her? 37:27 Alexx pretends to be a rapper + Lil Mabu in the Hamptons 40:49 “Take it away” - Dov had FUN + Andrew’s Padel injury 47:41 Dov’s “injury”, Pavlov’s Molly + Vala was GURNING 50:30 Andrew & Miles got kicked out + Hot girls crashing the party 1:00:09 Andrew made it into the White party + Leo’s a loser 1:03:10 More fun with friends + White Party is male Met Gala 1:06:40 2 days of partying MAX 1:07:40 Akaash’s journey to redemption 1:14:06 Persecution drives community? 1:17:35 Kendrick Lamar “Not Like Us” video reaction 1:23:05 Drake as a popstar will be fine + flipping narratives 1:27:00 Drake the new Nelly? GOAT status + position now? 1:35:30 Drake EDM album on the way? 1:41:46 DJs are Switzerland + play ALL the music


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