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E175: 4 Moments On The Diary Of A CEO That Changed My Life

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5 September 2022

This week, we’re going to do something a little different, offering up four pearls of wisdom from our guests on how to find more connection in your life. Connection with other people, but also a better connection with yourself, what you really want, and what’s really good for you.  These four incredible snippets from Mo Gawdat, Africa Brooke, Bear Grylls and Mel Robbins together offer inspiration on how to break through the mental barriers holding you back to feel more present in the moment and be clearer with yourself and others about your needs and desires. When a guest steps into the kitchen and sits themselves down, they’re not just appearing on a podcast, they’re joining the Diary of a CEO community. Every single conversation adds new dimensions of truth, honesty, wisdom and integrity. By bringing these four passages together, it shines new light on the individual value of them all, but it also helps us understand the journey we’re all on together in more perspective. Topics: Mo Gawdat - Retrain Your Brain  Africa Brooke - How To Overcome A Sexless Relationship  Bear Grylls - How To Build Resilience   Mel Robins - What to do when you're feeling stuck Mo: Africa: Bear: Mel: Sponsors: Craftd - Huel -


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