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Mini-series: The Mystery of the Missing Torch

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Mini-series: The Mystery of the Missing Torch

5 Juli 2024

Ready for the NEW Mini-series from Lingokids?  Buckle up and join the gang on their BIG adventure to France!  In this exciting mini-series, the Lingokids friends use their keen observation skills to uncover clues that lead them on an unforgettable journey to the Summer Olympic Games! Along the way, they meet incredible Olympic athletes who not only teach them about their sports but also lend a hand in the search for the missing torch. 🏅 From learning about basketball to diving into swimming, our heroes discover the wonders of sportsmanship and the richness of French culture. Meet our amazing star guests:  🏊🏾 Jamal Hill, an American National Champion and Paralympic bronze medalist in Para swimming 🤸🏽 Laurie Hernandez, an American former gymnast, Olympic gold medalist ⛹🏼‍♀️ Kim Gaucher, a Canadian national basketball team coach, former professional basketball player 🏊‍♀️ Missy Franklin, an American former competitive swimmer and five-time Olympic medalist 🎾 Stéphane Houdet, a French wheelchair tennis player, three-time Paralympic champion ✨ Highlights of the Mini-Series: The thrilling mystery of the missing Olympic torch 🔍 Adventures through picturesque French towns and vibrant Paris streets 🗺️ Encounters with inspiring Olympic athletes from around the world 🌍 Fun lessons about different sports and French culture 🇫🇷 The excitement of the Olympic village and the grand Opening Ceremony 🎉 Stay tuned for the first episode of "The Mystery of the Missing Torch" and join this epic quest. 🕵️‍♂️✨ ☀️ Parents, Inside the Lingokids app, we have 1,600+ fun, interactive activities, games, songs, and videos to help kids learn academics and modern life skills in today’s world. It’s free to try.  Story by Rachael Tobener and Olga Klepova. Voices: Robin Reed. Music and Sound Design: Juan Delgado. See for privacy information.


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