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From Cypto to AI & Everything in Between: Pang Xue Kai of Untukmu.AI

19 Menit

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15 Mei 2023

Former CEO of leading Indonesian digital asset exchange Tokocrypto, Pang Xue Kai, joins the Indo Tekno program to discuss his latest venture, Untukmu.AI, which involves the application of artificial intelligence to online gift-giving in Indonesia. Synthesizing disparate elements such as a recipient's preferences, budget considerations, the specific occasion and numerous other factors; Untukmu.AI seeks to vastly improve discovery in the on-line purchasing process. A native Singaporean, Xue Kai describes the genesis of Tokocypto as an attempt to address "great market inefficiencies" in the digital currency space. He also discusses the patchwork of talents that he and cofounders Estelle Van Der Linden, Oceane Alagia and Cory Pang  bring together in the critical process of "ideation".


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