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E237: Chris Williamson: The Shocking New Research On Why Men And Women Are No Longer Compatible!

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10 April 2023

Chris Williamson has become one of the most followed podcasters, intellectual thinkers and researches in Europe. From a bullied and unpopular schoolboy to famous party boy appearing on some of the biggest reality shows, Chris Williamson was living the life most men in their twenties dream about, but he was deeply unsatisfied. Over the years that followed, Chris would transform his entire life, move to the United States, throw himself into reading, writing and producing one of the world's leading podcasts that delivers wisdom to millions of people around the world every month. He has used his podcast as his own university degree, talking to the world’s preeminent thinkers and learning alongside his listeners. Chris:  Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: Chris’ David Goggins episode: Books mentioned: The Status Game: On Human Life and How to Play It - Will stores: Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow:  Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors:  Airbnb:  Huel:  Whoop:


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