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Back to the Future 2 REVIEW LIVE | Sequel Deep Dive #backtothefuture2 #martymcfly #docbrown

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Back to the Future 2 REVIEW LIVE | Sequel Deep Dive #backtothefuture2 #martymcfly #docbrown

5 Juni 2024

On Wednesday, 5/22/24 at 9:35PM EST/6:35PM PAC, join us at The MCU'S Bleeding Edge as we dive into a Livestream REVIEW of "Back to the Future Part 2," the 1989 time-traveling classic starring Michael J. Fox. Veteran YouTuber and Co-host Cyberneticshark is back at the helm to steer the discussion, while Co-host Jeff S($TrueKnowledge) brings his usual insightful and explosive commentary to the guest panel. Joining them are Bleeding Edge regular guest creator Andres The Pop Culture Guy and newcomer Aston Delgado, ready to unravel the intricacies of this beloved sequel. We deeply appreciate your support for The MCU'S Bleeding Edge YT Channel/Podcast. If you enjoy our mix of humor, analysis, and community interaction, please consider liking, following, subscribing, and turning on all notifications for our YouTube Channel. This way, you’ll always know when we’re live and ready to bring you more great content. Dive into the adventure with us! Intro Outro Music- " When it Comes " by Curtis Cole Cybers LINKS- all his links can be found on YT!! Andres LINKS- All The MCU'S Bleeding Edge's LINKS Co-host Cyberneticshark is using a Logitech BRIO along with Skullcandy headphones, a Audio- Technica AT2020 Condenser Studio Microphone, going through a 2021 Flagship Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming laptop. Co-host Jeff S(TrueKnowledge) is working with a Audio- Technica ATR2100 Condenser Studio Microphone, along with a pair of Audio- Technica Headphones, Logitech BRIO- C920-C922-Streamcam, going through a 2023 MacBook Pro along with using a ACER Nitro 5.


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