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Berkshire Hathaway Part III

Berkshire Hathaway Part III

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7 Juni 2021

It's time. We wrap our Berkshire Hathaway trilogy with Warren and Charlie entering a new era: the age of the internet. Can they and Berkshire adapt to this brave new world? We find out. And, after 9+ hours, we render our final judgments on Berkshire and Warren's career. Is "Never bet against America" still the right longterm approach? Or is there another, even bigger Snowball out there that Warren may be missing?  If you love Acquired and want more, join our LP Community for access to over 50 LP-only episodes, monthly Zoom calls, and live access for big events like our recent Book Club event with Brad Stone. We can't wait to see you there. Join here at: Sponsors: 1Password: Revelo: Vanta: The Berkshire Hathaway Playbook is available on our website at Links: Bill Gates 1996 Wired interview: Jeff Bezos's 2008 AWS == electricity talk at YC Startup School: Charlie's 2021 Shareholder Meeting "slip-up":  Carve Outs: Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits: Xbox Game Pass: Goodfellas: The Goodfellas soundtrack:


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