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Advice Line with Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey (April 2024)

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Advice Line with Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey (April 2024)

6 Juni 2024

In case you missed it, we’re rerunning our Advice Line launch episode from a few weeks ago. Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey founder Fawn Weaver joins Guy on the Advice Line, where they answer questions from three early-stage entrepreneurs about telling their brand story.  In this episode, we’ll meet Kevin, the owner of a coffee trailer and roastery who grew up on a coffee farm in Honduras. Then Elisabeth, whose jewelry company aims to make a difference in the developing world. And finally, Joanne, a home baker looking to turn her love of pecan pie into a full-time business.  If you’d like to be featured on a future Advice Line episode, leave us a one minute message that tells us about your business and a specific question you’d like answered. Send a voice memo to or call 1-800-433-1298. And check out the origin story of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, told by Fawn on the show in 2021. This episode was produced by Chris Maccini with music by Ramtin Arablouei. It was edited by John Isabella. Our audio engineer was Neal Rauch. You can follow HIBT on X & Instagram, and sign up for Guy’s free newsletter at See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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