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Golden Age of Audio (+ Sugar Monsters)

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Golden Age of Audio (+ Sugar Monsters)

17 Oktober 2017

This week ADLANDIA hangs with audio veteran + Panoply's Chief Content Officer (aka our version of the #podfather), Andy Bowers. He chatted with Laura + Alexa about the rise of podcasting, experimenting with subscription models (insert kid's pod network: Pinna) and his thoughts on how tech unlocks the key to audio scale (but didn't think it would take this long!). He also divulges why he wishes the word podcast could be killed and shares a delightful version of his kid-friendly podcast character, Sugar Monster, in this week's #KillBuyDIY. Plus Laura and Alexa jam about the difference between branded content and content (what's the big friggen difference?!) along with heightened accountability around investing in a brand's promise. ADLANDIA Ask of the Episode: Tweet us about your first podcast experience including the show to @adlandiapodcast + tag a friend you introduced to podcasting! Also, don't forget to leave us a review of your thoughts on the show on your pod app of choice (this one that you're listening in right now!). Thanks #ADLANDIA! - L+ A Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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