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844 Become a Self-Healer and Break Free of Emotional Cycles with Dr. Nicole LePera

844 Become a Self-Healer and Break Free of Emotional Cycles with Dr. Nicole LePera

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2 September 2019

FAMILY ISN’T EVERYTHING. How often have you heard phrases about putting family first? Most of us had a plaque on the wall growing up that said something similar. But if you’re letting family walk all over you, you’re doing a disservice to yourself. We get what we tolerate. If you don’t like something, but you tolerate it, you can’t expect people to change. So how do we have better relationships with our families? We have to create a request. And we have to keep our word. Telling people what you need doesn’t always feel good, but it’s necessary to take care of yourself. On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about boundaries and reparenting yourself with an inspirational holistic psychologist: Dr. Nicole Lepera. Dr. Nicole LePera is a Holistic Psychologist who believes that mental wellness is for everyone. She evolved her more traditional training from Cornell University and The New School to one that acknowledges the connection between the mind and body. Dr. LePera founded the Mindful Healing Center in Center City Philadelphia where she works with individuals, couples, and families taking gut health, sleep, movement, cellular health, belief, and mindfulness into treatment. Dr. Nicole Lepera shares her three steps to creating healthy boundaries and how to break cycles in ourselves. So get ready to learn how to be a self healer on Episode 844. Some Questions I Ask: What were your biggest limiting beliefs? (9:30) How do we become unstuck? (17:00) How do we manage the guilt of our family? (23:00) How do we regulate our nervous system? (46:00) What does it mean to “reparent” yourself? (1:0200) How do we become a self healer every day? (1:16:00) In This Episode You Will Learn: How emotion is tied to memory (12:00) What “interdependence” means (20:00) The three steps to create a boundary (29:00) How to “depersonalize” (39:00) Dr. Nicole’s definition of manifestation (57:00) About the “Small, Daily Promise” (1:13:00) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at and follow at


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