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Michael Malice on Soulless Political Demons, Voting Being Useless, & Why Trump Won’t Win

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Michael Malice on Soulless Political Demons, Voting Being Useless, & Why Trump Won’t Win

23 Mei 2024

Yerrrrr, Michael Malice came through and had to explain some things to us. Is Biden running the country? Will Trump be in the General Election? Why he is an American Anarchist. & Much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Malice is a hipster - music, shoes + shiny suit 2:58 Malice getting ghosted TWICE 5:19 US is the best country on Earth + Alexx = Team China 6:52 Malice is still a New Yorker + Akaash is a Texan traitor 10:33 Malice loves X, steelmanning “censorship” + can’t police the internet 15:11 Politicians are depraved and evil + unsatiable lust for power 19:13 Is Biden is running the country? + “we’re not voting our way out of this” 21:54 Noam Chomsky + what is permissible within acceptable opinion 23:54 Malice: DON’T VOTE, impact what you have control + defining anarchy 31:20 Steelmanning gun control, exile people + “places we’re least safe are gov. controlled” 39:20 We need more security, feeling safer in Texas + freedom as the default 41:31 Malice’s thinking, Communism doesn’t follow socialism + people LOVE to snitch now 45:33 Covid proved people’s willingness to conform + Malice thought the US would be different 51:47 Trump & Biden might not make it, Trump ain’t saving you 56:46 People are in love with narratives, Trump’s narratives + trolling with 0 change 1:02:41 What do Biden voters want now? Hillary will replace Biden before Election 1:09:08 Gorbachev’s importance + US and USSR didn’t want to press the button 1:11:16 People getting triggered, Some people don’t have souls + corporate Media already prompts you 1:21:04 We use logic to justify our feelings 1:24:15 People want to be Cypher, security over freedom + the State targeting/politicising children 1:30:09 Media enforces the state, Corporate media are demons + Huberman’s hit piece 1:38:19 Elon becoming more political + Malice wants to slide into his DMs 1:38:56 Michael’s writings, triumph of good over evil + Malice’s next book about National Divorce


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