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#133 - Software Requirements Essentials - Karl Wiegers

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15 Mei 2023

“The goal of requirements development is clear and effective communication. Thus, it has to be done in an incremental and iterative fashion." Karl Wiegers is the coauthor of “Software Requirements Essentials” and has previously appeared in our episode #103. In this episode, we discussed 6 essential practices for software requirements out of the 20 core practices specified in his book. Karl also explained the importance of having a clear and effective communication in developing software requirements, his view on doing software requirements for Agile teams, and the importance of having good software requirements for becoming an effective software development team and for avoiding unnecessary rework.   Listen out for: What Karl is Up To Lately - [00:04:08] Writing “Software Requirements Essentials” - [00:05:20] Software Requirements - [00:10:19] Clear & Effective Communication - [00:13:20] Importance of Requirement Details - [00:16:19] Practice #1 - Understand the Problem Before Converging on a Solution - [00:22:05] Practice #3 - Define the Solution’s Boundaries - [00:26:26] Requirements Elicitation vs Requirements Gathering - [00:30:47] Practice #6 - Understand What Users Need to Do With the Solution - [00:33:01] Software Requirements in Agile - [00:37:06] Requirements & Effective Software Development - [00:40:59] Rework - [00:44:39] Practice #19 - Establish and Manage Requirement Baselines - [00:46:20] Practice #13 - Prioritize the Requirements - [00:49:17] Practice #20 - Manage Changes to Requirements Effectively - [00:52:22] 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:55:54] _____ Karl Wiegers’s Bio Karl Wiegers is Principal Consultant with Process Impact. He has a PhD in organic chemistry. Karl is the author of 14 books, including Software Requirements Essentials (with Candase Hokanson), Software Requirements (with Joy Beatty), Software Development Pearls, The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things, Successful Business Analysis Consulting, and a forensic mystery novel titled The Reconstruction. Karl has delivered more than 650 training courses, webinars, and conference presentations worldwide. You can reach him at or, where you can also hear more than 50 songs he has recorded just for fun, including 18 originals that he wrote. Follow Karl: LinkedIn – Website – Software Requirements Essentials – Process Impact – Medium – _____ Our Sponsors Are you looking for a new cool swag? Tech Lead Journal now offers you some swags that you can purchase online. These swags are printed on-demand based on your preference, and will be delivered safely to you all over the world where shipping is available. Check out all the cool swags available by visiting And don't forget to brag yourself once you receive any of those swags. Like this episode? Show notes & transcript: Follow @techleadjournal on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Buy me a coffee or become a patron.


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