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Best Advice on marrying skills with intuition

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Best Advice on marrying skills with intuition

15 September 2022

This week on This is Working, we get a visit from Florencia Iriondo, the host of Best Advice on LinkedIn. In this special feed drop, we hear wisdom on blending skills and intuition from media mogul Tyler Perry, former PepsiCo Chairperson and CEO Indra Nooyi, and rock star Gwen Stefani. Follow LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Dan Roth on LinkedIn Follow Best Advice host Florencia Iriondo, and advice-givers Tyler Perry, Indra Nooyi, and Gwen Stefani on LinkedIn. To get each newsletter edition of Best Advice as it's released, subscribe here. Join our This is Working community by subscribing to Dan's newsletter and posting your thoughts on LinkedIn using the hashtag #ThisIsWorking.


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