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'Seven' (1995) Movie Review!!! #morganfreeman #bradpitt #kevinspacey #seven #gwynethpaltrow

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 'Seven' (1995) Movie Review!!! #morganfreeman #bradpitt #kevinspacey #seven #gwynethpaltrow

5 Juni 2024

Join us this Friday night, 7/21/23, for a deep dive into the darkness and complexity of the classic film 'Seven' (1995). Tune into The MCU's Bleeding Edge YT Channel/Podcast as we dissect this cinematic masterpiece directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Our esteemed co-host Jeff S (TrueKnowledge), fresh from moderating Episode 5 of 'Secret Invasion', will guide us through the evening, joined by co-host Cyberneticshark and special guest Andres, the Pop Culture Guy. Expect insightful commentary, engaging debate, and our unique take on this groundbreaking film. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the layered symbolism and powerful character parallels centred around the seven deadly sins. But our conversation won't end there - we encourage our viewers to keep the discussion going long after the credits roll. Whether you're a long-time fan or this is your first introduction to 'Seven', you won't want to miss our lively analysis of this remarkable film. If you're not yet following us, be sure to subscribe or follow The MCU's Bleeding Edge on whichever platform you're joining us from. Together, let's continue pushing the boundaries of film analysis and appreciation. See you on the Bleeding Edge! Intro Outro Music- " When it Comes " by Curtis Cole Cybers LINKS- all his links can be found on YT!! Andres LINKS- All The MCU'S Bleeding Edge's LINKS Co-host Cyberneticshark is using a Logitech BRIO along with Skullcandy headphones, a Audio- Technica AT2020 Condenser Studio Microphone, going through a 2021 Flagship Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming laptop. Co-host Jeff S(TrueKnowledge) is working with a Audio- Technica ATR2100 Condenser Studio Microphone, along with a pair of Audio- Technica Headphones, Logitech BRIO- C920-C922-Streamcam, going through a 2023 MacBook Pro along with using a ACER Nitro 5.


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