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Ep23: Scaling to 1M Users Amid Fierce Competition; w/Yaniv Makover, Founder & CEO, Anyword — Product Market Fit podcast

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19 April 2023

In this episode, we sit with Yaniv Makover, the co-founder and CEO of Anyword, a leading generative AI content platform for performance marketers. We discuss the impact of generative AI on content creation, people's perspectives on AI-generated content, and whether AI poses a threat to jobs in the creative industry. Chapters: 00:00 Intro 02:20 What's Anyword and who do you serve? 03:48 The story behind the idea of Anyword 07:07 KIWI for Content optimization 08:20 Go-To-Market strategy 09:43 Why do customers love the product? 13:02 Differentiation and positioning 16:53 People don't buy AI, they buy the value it creates 18:34 Finding the ICP 20:49 Defensibility and growth 22:45 First isn't always the best 23:45 Overview of Anyword's AI model 25:35 Growth and acquisition 28:40 Generative AI and job loss 32:09 Consumers' reaction to generated AI content 34:34 Will people replace Google with chatbots? 37:20 Responsible AI 39:25 Lightening Round Guest contact info: [email protected] Sponsor: This podcast is brought to you by ⁠⁠. Grwth offers fractional CMOs, paired with best-in-class digital marketing execution to support early-stage startup success. With a focus on seed and series A companies, Grwth has helped a number of SaaS, digital health, and e-commerce startups build their go-to-market function and scale up. To learn more and book a free consultation, go to ⁠⁠. Get in touch with Mosheh: ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠[email protected] ⁠⁠ Previous episodes on Generative AI: Ep21: From Idea to Prototype in Minutes; w/ Tony Beltramelli, founder & CEO Uizard — Product Market Fit podcast EP10: Google's AI backlash; w/ Alexander De Ridder, co-founder & CTO, INK — Product Market Fit podcast Ep13: Ethical Machines; w/ Reid Blackman, PhD, Author and Consultant — Product Market Fit podcast


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