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Davina Buff Jones // 351

Davina Buff Jones // 351

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24 Oktober 2023

In October of 1999, a police officer reported near a lighthouse on a North Carolina island, when she was killed after arrival. With her fellow officers botching the crime scene, years of speculation followed about the circumstances regarding her death. Was it a murder? An accident? A suicide? To her loved ones, the conclusion was clear. This is the story of Davina Buff Jones. BONUS EPISODES Apple Subscriptions: Patreon: CASE SOURCES 1. Davina's Find A Grave: 2. Charlotte Magazine: 3. Asheville Citizen-Times: 4. The Herald-Sun: 5. Still A Mystery: 6. Forbes: 7. Casetext: 8. Star News Online: 9. Harriet's Obituary: 10. Reddit: 11. ABC11: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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