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253. Is it Real Love or Spider Love? With Martha Beck

253. Is it Real Love or Spider Love? With Martha Beck

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26 Oktober 2023

Brilliant life coach, Martha Beck, works her magic for our Pod Squad. In this treasure trove of profound insight and practical guidance, Martha teaches us how to find purpose in midlife, how to use our longing as a map, and how to know for sure if what we have is real love.  If you’d like to go back and listen to the episodes mentioned in today’s conversation, check out episodes:  252. Martha Beck Helps Amanda Let Go 238. How to De-Stress: Relaxation Intervention for Amanda (and You)! 121. Martha Beck & Rowan Mangan: Polyamory & Throuple Life 67. How to Get More Joy with Martha Beck 66. How to Come Home to Yourself with Martha Beck About Martha: Dr. Martha Beck is a bestselling author, life coach, and speaker – offering powerful, practical, and entertaining teachings that help people improve every aspect of their lives. She is known for her unique combination of science, humor, and spirituality. For over two decades she has been, in the words of NPR and USA Today, “the best-known life coach in America.” Her published works include several self-help books and memoirs, including New York Times and international bestsellers Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, and Expecting Adam. Martha’s most recent book, The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self, was an instant New York Times Best Seller. TW: @TheMarthaBeck IG: @themarthabeck To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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