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Ep. 1392 - Disney’s Not So Secret Anti-White Agenda

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Ep. 1392 - Disney’s Not So Secret Anti-White Agenda

21 Juni 2024

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we've heard about Disney's not-so-secret gay agenda. Now, thanks to James O'Keefe, we know more about their not-so-secret anti-white agenda. Also, MSNBC talking heads do their best to explain why classrooms should have pride flags but shouldn't have the Ten Commandments. Their argument is more revealing than they wanted it to be. And, can racism cause cancer? That was the premise of an episode of an NBC medical drama. It was not satire. Not intentionally, anyway.   Ep.1392   - - -   DailyWire+:   Get 10% off your tickets to Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot at   Get 25% off your DailyWire+ Membership here:   Get your Matt Walsh flannel here:   - - -    Today’s Sponsors:   Birch Gold - Text "WALSH" to 989898, or go to, for your no-cost, no-obligation, FREE information kit.   Good Ranchers - Get $100 off PLUS FREE smoked brats for a year with promo code WALSH:   - - -   Socials:    Follow on Twitter:   Follow on Instagram:   Follow on Facebook:   Subscribe on YouTube:


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