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social life, success, and sleep [video]

social life, success, and sleep [video]

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16 Maret 2023

[video available on Spotify] when i was in high school i was scrolling through instagram, and i stumbled upon a graphic of a triangle. at the end of each tip of the triangle there was a priority - sleep, success in work/school, and social life. on the bottom of the screen it said choose two. the concept was that you can’t prioritize everything in your life at the same time. for years of my life i’ve sort of lived with this instagram graphic in the back of my head. i’ve constantly reminded myself, something’s gotta give. i can’t prioritize everything i want to prioritize 100%. but recently i had an epiphany and thought, is this true? so today i want to explore this concept, because i think there’s a lot of value there, but it could use a little bit more nuance.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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