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Ep344 - Michael Fox and Jim Fuller | Eating Mushrooms Can Save the Planet

Ep344 - Michael Fox and Jim Fuller | Eating Mushrooms Can Save the Planet

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9 Mei 2023

Michael Fox and Jim Fuller visit Google to discuss mushrooms, making a case for why everyone should switch from eating meat to this delicious plant-based superfood. Aside from the number of health benefits associated with eating mushrooms, they’re arguably one of the most delicious foods when prepared properly. Their cellular structure and fibers resemble those of meat fibers, containing many of the same glutamates and flavor compounds as meat. This is why according to Fox and Fuller, everyone should cut out meat and consider eating mushrooms instead. Making the switch from eating beef to mushrooms would enable the current 38.5% of the world's habitable land mass that is devoted to animal agriculture to be returned to nature and ultimately help reverse climate change. Michael Fox is the Co-founder and CEO of Fable Food Co. He combined his veganism, passion for healthy food and startup experience to co-found Fable which develops and produces delicious meat alternatives based on mushrooms. Jim Fuller is the Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Fable Food Co. He is a fine dining chef, chemical engineer and mycologist. Visit to watch the video.


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