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S3E4 (English) Jeffrey Gitomer’s 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling|《讓95%的顧客主動推薦你》

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S3E4 (English) Jeffrey Gitomer’s 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling|《讓95%的顧客主動推薦你》

31 Oktober 2021

小額贊助支持本節目: Follow me on Facebook: Welcome to Max.J Story. This is Max Juan speaking from Taiwan.  歡迎來到 Max.J Story。我是來自台灣的 Max Juan。 Happy Halloween!Actually, Halloween is not a traditional Taiwanese holiday, but in recent years Halloween has become an important celebration and “marketing event” in Taiwan. So we are going to talk about marketing strategy today. Let’s get down to business. 萬聖節快樂!其實萬聖節並不是台灣的傳統節日,但近年來萬聖節已成為台灣重要的慶祝活動和“營銷活動”。所以我們今天要談談營銷策略。讓我們進入正題吧! As you can see in the title, the author of this book is Jeffery Gitomer. He is the world’s top sales trainer and a bestselling author. His books, which include the classics “The Little Red Book of Selling" and “The Sales Bible” have sold more than 4 million copies. He has a podcast “Sell or Die”. They discuss the art and science of selling with the top leaders in sales, business, marketing and personal development. 正如你在標題中看到的,這本書的作者是 Jeffery Gitomer。他是世界頂級的銷售培訓師和暢銷書作家。他的經典著作《銷售小紅書》和《銷售聖經》已售出超過 400 萬冊。他有一個播客節目“Sell or Die”。他們與銷售、業務、營銷和個人發展方面的頂級領導者,討論銷售的藝術和科學。。 According to the title, there are 21.5 laws of selling in this book. You may think that this book may only be related to the salespersons. In fact, it is more than that. I suggest that everyone should understand the point of this book, because it can help you build you own brand. 根據書名,本書有21.5條銷售法則。您可能認為這本書可能只與銷售人員有關。事實上,它遠不止於此。我建議每個人都應該理解這本書的重點,因為它可以幫助您建立個人品牌。 The main point of this book is :Do not make hundreds of calls every day to develop new customers and disturb others. It’s 2021, come on! You should use the Internet and technology. Especially the social media, like Facebook, Line, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We can make videos, make Podcast, write articles to build our own brand. 本書的主要觀點是:不要每天撥打數百個電話來開發新客戶並打擾他人。現在是 2021 年,拜託了。你應該使用網路和科技。尤其是社群媒體,如 Facebook、Line、Instagram、LinkedIn 或 Twitter。我們可以製作影片、製作播客、撰寫文章來建立我們自己的品牌。 In other words, we should attract customers to come to us. Say for example, if you are a salesperson, and you make 100 calls a day, there are just 5 calls will be answered, and 95 calls will hang up directly, or they may tell you they don’t need it. Among the only five calls, only one person will buy your stuff. 換句話說,我們應該吸引客戶來找我們。舉個例子,如果你是一個銷售人員,你一天打100個電話,只有5個電話接聽,95個電話直接掛斷,或者他們可能會告訴你,他們不需要。在僅有的五個電話中,只有一個人會買你的東西。 Therefore, if you make phone calls for marketing, the chance of success is only 1%. But if a customer actively recommends others to you, your chance of success will become 95%.  因此,如果你打電話進行營銷,成功的機會只有1%。但如果客人主動推薦你,比如客人主動介紹另一位客人給你,你成功的機率就會變成95%。 Wow, that’s what we should do in sales. But how? How do you get customers to actively recommend you? In addition to your usual good credit and good service, you can use the social media to help you build your own brand. Spare some time on Facebook every day and create a personal fan page. Put some photos, product-related information, videos, or write articles that are useful to customers.  哇,這就是我們在銷售中應該做的。但是如何做到呢?如何讓客戶主動推薦你?除了您平時的良好信用和良好的服務外,您還可以使用社交媒體來幫助您建立自己的品牌。每天抽出一些時間在 Facebook 上創建個人粉絲頁面。放一些照片、產品相關信息、影片,或者寫一些對客戶有用的文章。 If you run “Digital Marketing” regularly. You will become a credible, hard-working, and professional salesperson. But we live in 21st century , frankly speaking, before you sell things to customers, customers have already googled you.  如果您定期運行「數位營銷」。您將成為一名可靠、勤奮和專業的銷售人員。我們生活在 21 世紀,坦白說,在你把東西賣給客戶之前,客戶已經在google上搜索過你了。 If someone finds your profile on the Internet, they may feel that you are a reputable businessman, and they will be willing to trust you. But if the customers are not able to find your information on line, what even worse, they got some negative information about you or your company. I'm sorry, they will reject you directly. 如果有人在網路上找到你的個人資料,他們可能會覺得你是​​一個有信譽的商人,他們會願意信任你。但是如果客戶在網上找不到你的信息,更糟糕的是,他們得到了一些關於你或你公司的負面信息。對不起,他們會直接拒絕你。 So what we have to do now is to use these social media so that guests can automatically search you, if they like you, they would be delighted to introduce other customers to you. So I would like to advise everyone, including some companies to invest money and time on social media. You just pay low cost and you will earn high benefit.  所以我們現在要做的就是利用這些社交媒體,讓客人自動搜索你,如果他們喜歡你,他們會很樂意向你介紹其他客戶。所以我想建議大家,包括一些公司,在社交媒體上投入金錢和時間。您只需支付低成本,您將獲得高收益。 Well, that’s the reason why I become a Podcaster. As you know, I am also a salesperson, but not every one treat me as a qualified salesman. They think I am too young, even I am 32 years old. Let me tell you the truth, if you are a young person in Taiwan, you are nothing. Nobody cares about you. Even you graduated from NTU, even you have a master degree or doctor’s degree, you are still a nobody. 嗯,這就是我成為播客的原因。眾所周知,我也是一名銷售員,但並不是每個人都把我當成合格的銷售員。他們認為我太年輕,即使我已經32歲了。實話告訴你,如果你是台灣的年輕人,你什麼都不是。沒人把你當回事。即使你畢業於NTU,即使你有碩士或博士學位,你仍然是一個小人物。 As a result, social media is a powerful tool for the young people. You can brand yourself on the Internet. Take me for example, I become confident and professional since I do the Podcast, and I upload new episodes every week, so the podcast is my name card. People know me from my podcast channel.  因此,社交媒體是年輕人的強大工具。你可以在網路上建立自己的品牌。以我為例,自從我做播客後,我變得自信和專業,而且我每週都會上傳新集數,所以播客是我的名片。人們通過我的播客頻道認識我。 In addition to salespersons, other jobs are also the same. If you send your resume to a company, then the HR person may search your profile on Facebook and LinkedIn. Brand yourself is very crucial on the new generation, and it also brings people more opportunities.  除了營業人員,其他的工作也一樣。如果您將履歷發送給一家公司,那麼 人資人員可能會在 Facebook 和 LinkedIn 上搜索您的個人資料。建立自我品牌對新一代來說非常重要,同時也給人們帶來了更多的機會。 Thank you for listening today. Meet you on the air next time. Bye-bye. 感謝您今天的聆聽。下次直播見。再見。 勵志搖滾配樂 編曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 作曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 製作: Music Time 專業配樂音效後製 發行: 更多優質播客音樂/後製服務>> 授權: 連結: 原創音樂人需要你的贊助>> 輕鬆爵士配樂 編曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 作曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 製作: Music Time 專業配樂音效後製 發行: 更多優質播客音樂/後製服務>> 授權: 連結: 原創音樂人需要你的贊助>> 浪漫民謠配樂 編曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 作曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 製作: Music Time 專業配樂音效後製 發行: 更多優質播客音樂/後製服務>> 授權: 連結: 原創音樂人需要你的贊助>> 都會放克配樂 編曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 作曲: Music Time 版權音樂團隊 製作: Music Time 專業配樂音效後製 發行: 更多優質播客音樂/後製服務>> 授權: 連結: 原創音樂人需要你的贊助>>  Powered by Firstory Hosting


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