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are you living for you? [video]

are you living for you? [video]

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4 Juni 2023

[video available on Spotify] there have been many times in my life where i've found myself feeling really unhappy and not knowing what the issue was. and i've often realized that in those moments, i was feeling unhappy because i was not living life for me. i was living life for everyone and everything else. i wasn't listening to my own opinions. i wasn't making decisions for me. and what's really interesting about falling into a phase like this is that you don't always notice it. it happens slowly and is not obvious. and so today i want to talk about living life for you. i want to discuss some of the sneaky ways that you can find yourself in a routine where you're not living for you, discuss what it can look like, and how to get out of it. because when you're living life truly for you, it's so freeing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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