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6 Juli 2021

We close out Season 8 with the most ambitious organization we've ever covered on Acquired: Ethereum, and it's celebrity wunderkind founder Vitalik Buterin. If you thought Mark Zuckerberg IPO-ing Facebook at $100B by age 27 was something, just wait until you hear the story of this high school junior creating $500B (!!) of market cap by the same age — and oh yeah, maybe seeding the future dethroning of Facebook, Google, Amazon and all of big tech in the process. Regardless whether you're a crypto neophyte, a die-hard bull, or a skeptical bear, this is a story you need to hear, and Ethereum is an innovation you need to understand. Buckle in for a wild ride... and some special surprises from a few Acquired friends. :)  If you love Acquired and want more, join our LP Community for access to over 50 LP-only episodes, monthly Zoom calls, and live access for big events like emergency pods and book club discussions with authors. We can't wait to see you there. Join here at: Sponsors: 1Password: Revelo: Vanta: Links: The Ethereum Whitepaper: Yung Spielburg and Mike Taylor on Spotify  Carve Outs: Arthur C. Clarke: (especially Rendezvous with Rama and The City & The Stars) Disney-Marvel's Loki: The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson: Nier Automata: Magic the Gathering IRL:


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