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Sink or Swim: An Agency Model Revolution

30 Menit

Sink or Swim: An Agency Model Revolution

8 Agustus 2018

Who better to learn about the shifting demands and challenges for ad agencies than from an agency sherpa? Nancy Hill, former CEO and President of the 4As, agency veteran, and Founder of Media Sherpas, shares insights on talent, structuring engagements more like a design firm and the shift in the agency culture that will prepare us for the next creative revolution. Hear how she’s advising the next gen of independent agencies by borrowing from the lessons learned over her career at some of the world’s biggest shops. She tells us how agencies need to be more courageous by sometimes saying no to work and contracts that will ultimately undermine their value (paying for talent and ideas vs. hours and execution). Plus, don't miss her agency-focused #KILLBUYDIY Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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