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Peak social media: The future

Peak social media: The future

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12 Agustus 2023

In the final episode of this Tech Tonic season, FT correspondents weigh in on the trends that will determine the future of social media. From Meta’s Threads to artificial intelligence, we ask how platforms will look and feel in years to come. The FT’s deputy Lex editor, host Elaine Moore, speaks with social media reporter Cristina Criddle, global technology correspondent Tim Bradshaw and San Francisco-based tech reporter Hannah Murphy. Plus, we hear from Evan Henshaw-Plath, one of the creators of Twitter. Presented by Elaine Moore. Produced by Edwin Lane and Josh Gabert-Doyon, executive producer is Manuela Saragosa. Sound design by Breen Turner and Samantha Giovinco. Original music by Metaphor Music. The FT’s head of audio is Cheryl Brumley.  Further reading (free to read) on  Cristina Criddle: TikTok reshapes ecommerce unit in bid to crack western markets  Cristina Criddle: TikTok prepares ‘Project S’ plan to break into online shopping Tim Bradshaw: Meta’s Threads is a throwback to the giddy early days of Twitter  Hannah Murphy: Meta to release commercial AI model in effort to catch rivals Hannah Murphy: Linda Yaccarino’s vision for Twitter 2.0 emerges Read a transcript of this episode on Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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