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Elliot Tries Sports. Part 3

Elliot Tries Sports. Part 3

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2 Juni 2023

Elliot is mesmerized by the flips and jumps that gymnasts do! Can he become an athlete like them, too? He's tempted to try but doesn't know where to begin. Luckily, a gymnast teaches him basic moves to practice at home in preparation for the Community Tumbling Showcase! Elliot and his friends learn that mastering a new skill takes a lot of practice. 🤸 Tune into this 'Stories for Kids' episode to discover how Elliot uses confidence to master his Backward Bear Walk 🐼 … wish him luck! Listen to all 4 parts 🎧 Elliot Tries Sports. Part 1 Elliot Tries Sports. Part 2 Elliot Tries Sports. Part 4 ⭐ Parents, inside the Lingokids app, we have 1,200+ fun, interactive activities, games, songs, and videos to help kids learn academics and modern life skills in today’s world. It’s free to try.


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