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The Long Con: Clark Rockefeller Part 2 | My Life of Crime

The Long Con: Clark Rockefeller Part 2 | My Life of Crime

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22 Maret 2023

In 2008, a man masquerading as a member of the New York Rockefellers was unmasked as a German man named Christian Gerhartsreiter. In Part 2 of “The Long Con”, he goes on trial for the murder of his former neighbor John Sohus, but the prosecution has little to no direct evidence implicating him. They also lack an obvious motive. Why would a conman like Gerhartsreiter commit murder and risk blowing his own cover? And after the trial, Erin Moriarty sits down with Gerhartsreiter to continue exploring the question behind it all: Who was Clark Rockefeller, really? 48 Hours correspondent Erin Moriarty takes you inside the investigation of “Clark Rockefeller” on her podcast, My Life of Crime. Based on the 48 Hours investigation, “aka Rockefeller”. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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