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While you were Away: DTC Playbook

50 Menit

While you were Away: DTC Playbook

2 Mei 2018

Jen Rubio, Co-founder of Away, jets in to the studio (and yes she did come toting bags on the way to her 50th flight of the year) to chat with Alexa and Laura on how brand is a crucial agent of growth in the business - - maybe even more than the physical product, focusing on the customer experience and relationship with data,  investing in talent for their mindset and capability not necessarily their resume, and how the industry isn’t thinking about TV (YES TV) the way DTC brands are and seeing it’s value.  All this and her clear-headed, with product recommendation included, #KILLBUYDIY.  Get carried AWAY with this one ADLANDIA. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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