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A World Champion Athlete & Oscar-Nominated Writer on Mindset, Performance & Persistence

A World Champion Athlete & Oscar-Nominated Writer on Mindset, Performance & Persistence

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21 Agustus 2023

With over 400 triathlons to her name, today's guest Lesley Paterson is a 3x XTERRA Triathlon World Champion and 2x World Triathlon Cross Champion. But if you asked about her greatest test of endurance, it wouldn’t be a race. It would be chasing an Oscar. For 16 years during her professional triathlon career, Lesley fought to secure and maintain the film rights to All Quiet on the Western Front out of her own pocket from race winnings. She wrote and rewrote the script, and despite the odds stacked heavily against her, never gave up on her dream of getting the movie made. After many years of starts and stops the film was finally released and took home four Oscars and seven BAFTAs—including one for best-adapted screenplay (this was Lesley’s first screenplay might I add). All of which is a testament to her patience, discipline, and hard work. Lesley’s relentless persistence is the focus of today’s conversation, along with the importance of self-belief, playing the long game, and the ‘never quit’ drive required to crush audacious goals. Delightful, engaging, and strong, I adore Lesley. There’s a lot to learn from this fiery Scottish lassie. Note: If you like this exchange, be sure to check out her book The Brave Athlete, which is packed with actionable practices to build an endurance mindset. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Seed: BetterHelp: Squarespace: Momentous:  Indeed: Babbel: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich


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