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Episode 567: Fred & Rose West (Part 4)

1 Jam, 16 Menit

Episode 567: Fred & Rose West (Part 4)

27 Mei 2024

Part four focuses on Fred & Rose West's final crimes, and the events leading up to their arrest. Their subsequent trials would become the focus of the nation as people learned of the atrocities performed at their home. Thank you to the wondrous Dave White of Bring Me the Axe Podcast for Research! References Amis, Martin. 2000. When darkness met light. May 11. Accessed March 21, 2024. BBC News. 1998. Fred West 'admitted killing waitress'. March 25. Accessed March 19, 2024. —. 2001. How many more did Fred West kill? September 27. Accessed March 19, 2024. —. 2021. The 12 victims of Fred and Rosemary West. May 27. Accessed March 18, 2024. Bennett, Will. 1995. Step-daughter Charmaine was first to die. November 22. Accessed March 19, 2024. Birmingham Evening Mail. 1974. "Missing girls theory." Birmingham Evening Mail, January 7: 1. Birmingham Post. 1968. "Missing waitress mystery deepens." Birmingham Post, January 23: 2. —. 1974. "Student missing for six days may return ton university-police." Birmingham Post, January 2: 2. —. 1968. "Yard detectives join search for Gloucester girl." Birmingham Post, January 9: 1. Campbell, Duncan. 1995. "How a string of girls came to die in depraved and appalling circumstances." The Guardian, October 7. Duce, Richard. 1995. "West's suicide avenged killings, QC tells jurors." The Times, November 16. Duce, Richard, and Bill Frost. 1995. "Court told of depravity at 25 Cromwell Street." The Times, October 7: 4. Evening Post. 1968. "Helicopter joins hunt for Mary." Evening Post, January 8: 1. Evening Standard. 1974. "Have you spotted this girl?" Evening Standard, July 4: 18. Frost, Bill. 1995. "Cromwell Street murders case man is dead." The Times, Janaury 2. Frost, Bill, and Richard Duce. 1995. "I'm being made a scapegoat, says West." The Times, November 2. —. 1995. "No place for sentiment, West jurors are told." The Times, October 4. —. 1995. "West: I fell under Fred's spell." The Times, October 31. Gloucester Echo. 1994. "Did builder know Mary?" Gloucester Echo, March 8: 3. —. 1994. "Graden bodies: Who were they?" Gloucester Echo, March 2: 1. Gloucestershire Echo. 1995. "From angelic child to coldest of killers." Gloucestershire Echo 5. —. 1995. "Fred West found dead." Gloucestershire Echo, January 2: 1. —. 1995. "I'll see you in court, Rose." Gloucestershire Echo, January 4: 1. Knight, Adam. 2014. Fred West's brother denies incest claims. November 7. Accessed March 17, 2024. Lee, Adrian, Tim Jones, and Damian Whitworth. 1996. "Fred West's brother hangs himself." The Times, November 29. Ovington, Paul. 1974. "Hunt steps up as fear grows for Lucy, 21." Western Daily Press and Times, January 4: 1. Sounes, Howard. 1995. Fred & Rose: The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of Horrors. New York, NY: Open Road Media. United Press International. 1995. "British jury convicts West of 10 murders." UPI Archive, November 22. West, Mae, and Neil McKay. 2018. Love as Always, Mum: The True and Terrible Story of Surviving a Childhood with Fred and Rose West. London, UK: Seven Dials Press. Williams, Martin. 1994. "'Our sister is still alive'." Gloucester Echo, February 26: 1. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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