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FT Weekend: How Cameo is changing celebrity. Plus: designing your home

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FT Weekend: How Cameo is changing celebrity. Plus: designing your home

9 April 2022

This weekend, we delve into the world of celebrity via the app Cameo. What does it mean that we can now pay celebrities to send us personalised video greetings? And how has our interaction with famous people shifted over the last decade? Lilah talks to gaming critic Tom Faber about the ethics and absurdities of fame in 2022. Then, interior design columnist Luke Edward Hall gives us his top tips on making your home really feel like yours. -------------- Want to say hi? We love hearing from you. Email us at We’re on Twitter @ftweekendpod, and Lilah is on Instagram and Twitter @lilahrap.  -------------- Links and mentions from the episode:  –Tom Faber on Cameo:  –Luke Edward Hall on the magic of your own murals:  –Luke’s five design principals:  –Luke Edward Hall is on Instagram at @lukeedwardhall, and Tom Faber is on Twitter at @_TomFaber –Key coverage of the war in Ukraine is free to read: —------------- Special offers for Weekend listeners, from 50% off a digital subscription to a $1/£1/€1 trial are here: If you have an iPhone and want to try FT Edit, search ‘FT Edit’ in the app store. -------------- The first US FT Weekend Festival is on Saturday, May 7 in Washington, DC. To attend virtually or in person, buy tickets at – use the discount code FTFriends2022 for 10% off. -------------- Original music by Metaphor Music. Mixing and sound design by Breen Turner. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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