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Charting your course to success with Tiffany Williams

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Charting your course to success with Tiffany Williams

11 April 2024

How do you chart a path to the very top from an unconventional beginning? For Tiffany Williams, COO of Thirty Ink, the parent company of Steph Curry's various ventures, it all comes down to making yourself known. She began as a receptionist for the Warriors and set about making herself known -- and indispensable. In today's podcast conversation, LinkedIn's Editor in Chief Dan Roth and Senior Producer Nina Melendez talk through Williams' career story and the lessons it has for all of us. They discuss finding and empowering a deputy, making longevity plays at companies you believe in, and how to land that big job opportunity. Watch the video of Dan's conversation with Tiffany Williams on the LinkedIn News Page. You can share your thoughts via email at, or join the conversation directly on LinkedIn using the hashtag #ThisisWorking. Follow Tiffany Williams, Thirty Ink, Dan Roth, Nina Melendez, and LinkedIn News on LinkedIn, and subscribe to the newsletter here.


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