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Talking Dateline: Facing the Music

22 Menit

Talking Dateline: Facing the Music

3 Juli 2024

Josh Mankiewicz sits down with Andrea Canning to discuss her episode, “Facing the Music.” 25-year-old teacher Christy Mirack was found murdered in her Lancaster, Pennsylvania apartment in 1992. Police began an investigation that would go cold for 25 years, until new technology ruled out initial potential suspects and pointed to a surprisingly familiar face as the killer. Andrea and Josh discuss the role of DNA in cold case investigations and Andrea talks about having her own composite portrait generated using her DNA. Andrea also shares an extra clip from an interview with one of Christy’s former students and answers viewer and listener questions about the episode from social media.  Listen to the full episode of “Facing the Music” here: Listen to the episode about Brittani Marcell Andrea mentions:


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