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Data Points: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (featuring Andrea Dunlop)

12 Menit

Data Points: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (featuring Andrea Dunlop)

11 Juni 2024

*Content warning: child abuse, sexual abuse, pedophilia, medical child abuse, Factitious disorder imposed on another, Munchausen by proxy, psychological, emotional, mental, and physical abuse.  Thank you Andrea Dunlop for partnering with us for this special educational Data Points episode! Andrea's website: Andrea's books: Nobody Should Believe Me podcast: Munchausen Support website: *Sources: The Power of Labels via The Lancet Epidemiology and evolution of the diagnostic classification of factitious disorders in DSM-5: First Uses of the Term Munchausen by Proxy: Munchausen syndrome by Proxy rates:,by%20proxy%20is%209%20percent. MBP Clinical & Case Management Guidance by APSAC: Feldman, K.W., Ambartsumyan, L., Goldin, A., Jenny, C., Wiester, R.T., Metz, J.B. et al. (2022) Gastrointestinal problems and non-Oral feeding in children evaluated for medical child abuse (fabricated and induced illness). Child Abuse Review, e2746. Available from: *Resources:  Munchausen Support Marc Feldman’s website/books American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children For a comprehensive list of non-profit organizations and resources, please visit See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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