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Dr. Ford Debrief: Glennon & Amanda are Fired Up!

47 Menit

Dr. Ford Debrief: Glennon & Amanda are Fired Up!

20 Maret 2024

Episode 291. Dr. Ford Debrief: Glennon & Amanda Are Fired Up Glennon, Abby and Amanda dive into their questions, struggles, and reactions to yesterday’s powerful interview with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – including asking Why Are We Asked to Do the “Right” Thing for a System that Refuses to do Right by Us? How Amanda opened the dialogue with her kids about consent, sexual violence, and what happens when our leaders do the wrong thing – and how you can do the same; How those in power exploit our innate willingness to sacrifice; and  Whether we need to free ourselves from the burden of “Doing the right thing.”  Don’t miss our interview with Dr. Ford: Episode 290. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Speaks Out CW: sexual assault and harassment . To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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