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Improve Your Ability To Understand Speakers With A Strong English Accent Ep 525

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Improve Your Ability To Understand Speakers With A Strong English Accent Ep 525

31 Maret 2022

Today we are going to go outside of our comfort zone and listen to an English speaker with a very strong accent. We don’t  always get perfect recordings of English to listen to in real life. This  English lesson will really challenge your listening skills and improve your  appreciation of the problems you may experience and help you overcome  them. Get Better At Understanding Speakers With A Strong Regional English Accent ✔Lesson transcript: The United Kingdom comprises several countries,  each with its own accent. In past English lessons, we’ve covered the  Scottish accent and the Welsh. Today we cover the Northern Irish accent  as we listen to a famous horse jockey talk about his impressive race  career. It’s really important that you practice listening to real world English as part of your listen and learn process. With practice, I think you will be able to re-listen to the interview I’ve included and see your comprehension skills improve. You  need to experience the challenges of accents, regional vocabulary,  distractions and background noise, overlapping discussion. We are going  to work with these listening challenges today and I’m going to talk you  through all the problems and help you understand what is being said. Learn more about our courses here: Adept English is here to help with FREE English lessons and language  courses that are unique, modern and deliver results. You can learn to  speak English quickly using our specialised brain training. We get  straight to the point of how you should learn to speak English. We teach  you in a fun and simple way that delivers results. If you want to learn  to speak English, our approach to learning through listening will improve your English fluency.   🎤 find us at...  🌎 📺 💜    🎧 listen to us on...  🎙️ 🎙️ 🎙️ 🎙️ 🎙️ 🎙️


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