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FT Weekend: The story of a stolen cookbook. Plus, Elizabeth Strout

28 Menit

FT Weekend: The story of a stolen cookbook. Plus, Elizabeth Strout

28 Mei 2022

In the 1930s, Alice Urbach wrote a beloved cookbook in Vienna. But during the Holocaust it was stolen: Aryanized, peppered with Nazi ideology and republished under someone else's name. The publisher refused to change it back for more than 85 years. Alice got her intellectual rights restored by her granddaughter Karina Urbach, a historian, who joins us to tell the story.  Afterwards, we bring you a conversation with Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, from our recent US FT Weekend festival. She’s in conversation with FT Globetrotter editor Rebecca Rose. -------------- Want to say hi? We love hearing from you. Email us at We’re on Twitter @ftweekendpod, and Lilah is on Instagram and Twitter @lilahrap.  -------------- Links and mentions from the episode:  –FT review of ‘Alice’s Book: How the Nazis stole my Grandmother’s Cookbook’, by Katrina Urbach –A recent piece by Elizabeth Strout for the FT Weekend Magazine, on Judith Joy Ross’s photography:  –Watch the whole FT Weekend Festival on demand here (paid):  —------------- Special offers for Weekend listeners, from 50% off a digital subscription to a $1/£1/€1 trial are here:  If you have an iPhone and want to try FT Edit (eight pieces of journalism a day, handpicked by senior editors, for much less than an FT subscription), search ‘FT Edit’ in the App Store. -------------- Original music by Metaphor Music. Mixing and sound design by Breen Turner and Sam Giovinco.  Read a transcript of this episode on Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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