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Trump's Trials: 'The boss is not going to leave'

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Trump's Trials: 'The boss is not going to leave'

18 November 2023

Today we're sharing an episode of a new NPR podcast called Trump's Trials, hosted by Scott Detrow with regular analysis from Domenico Montanaro. Each week they'll break down the latest courtroom drama, testimony, and legal maneuverings in the criminal and civil cases facing former President Trump — and talk about what it all means for American democracy. In this week's episode, Scott and Domenico spoke with NYU's Melissa Murray about leaked confidential videos of two former Trump lawyers — and what they could mean for the Georgia election interference case. Plus: a development in the January 6th case. Follow Trump's Trials on Apple Podcasts or Spotify for episodes available every Saturday. Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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