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Talking about the best albums of 2023

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Talking about the best albums of 2023

5 Desember 2023

It's that time of year again. Over the next few weeks at and here on the All Songs Considered podcast, we'll be sharing lists of and conversations about the best music of 2023. We're kicking things off with the standout albums of the year. Gathered on the show are NPR Music's three main critics: Rodney Carmichael, who writes about hip-hop and R&B; Nate Chinen of WRTI, who covers jazz and classical and Ann Powers, maven of pop, rock, folk, country and a little of everything else. Speaking with editor Daoud Tyler-Ameen, the trio dives into a heavy and heady year to discuss the releases that inspired the most vivid feelings, and together make a case — in an era when singles and playlists drive the industry numbers — for the album as a still-indispensable art form. The fun won't stop there. Stay tuned for more conversations about the songs that made us drop everything and the tours that turned into vessels for community. There will be lists of our favorite releases on and conversations about the sounds and stars that defined the year, enough to keep you listening well into 2024. Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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