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6 Maret 2023

Late one night in February of 1986, a man returned to his home in Los Angeles, California after work. As he pulled into the driveway, he immediately noticed that his garage door was open and his wife's car was gone. He glanced at his watch and saw it was much too late for his wife to still be at work, so he wondered where she might have gone. But before he could even think about that, he noticed something else unusual about his home. There were little bits of broken glass spread out across the driveway. Now, starting to panic, the man threw his car in park and charged inside the house. And what he would see inside was so traumatic that he covered it with a towel while he waited for police to arrive. For 100s more stories like this one, check out our main YouTube channel just called "MrBallen" -- If you want to reach out to me, contact me on Instagram, Twitter or any other major social media platform, my username on all of them is @MrBallen See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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