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Ep #8 | WTF is Going on in the World of Content | w/ Nikhil, Ajay Bijli, Vijay Subramaniam & Sajith Sivanandan

Ep #8 | WTF is Going on in the World of Content | w/ Nikhil, Ajay Bijli, Vijay Subramaniam & Sajith Sivanandan

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14 Agustus 2023

Whether you're creating content, avidly consuming it, or believe you're untouched by its influence - you have a tremendous impact on the content industry. With this erudite episode, dive into the dynamic world of entertainment. It was a pleasure to sit with the three masterminds operating behind the curtains of the streaming, multiplex and talent industry. They share not only their journeys but also their data-driven viewpoints. Decode the expanse of this market, the strategies and the upcoming trends - the hidden aspects and even the subconscious manipulations that frequently go unnoticed. If you're aiming to build, innovate, or establish a presence within this realm, consider this episode an essential guide. Follow Nikhil here: Twitter Instagram Facebook Linkedin Koo Ajay Bijli: Founder of PVR Cinemas & Managing Director of PVR INOX Ltd. (The merged entity of PVR Cinemas and Inox) Follow Ajay here: Twitter Vijay Subramaniam: Founder & Group CEO of Collective Artists’ Network Follow Vijay Subramaniam here: Twitter Instagram Linkedin Sajith Sivanandan: President & Head of Disney+ Hotstar Follow Sajith Sivanandan here: Linkedin TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro 01:40 - How Nikhil crossed paths with each Guest 03:52 - The Birth of PVR: Ajay Bijli’s story 09:02 - Vijay’s unconventional journey into entertainment 14:31 - The Uncanny CEO of Hotstar 23:14 - Influence of Glamour on Decision Making 26:08 - Evolving Landscape: The History of Celebrity Agents 31:56 - Market Size of OTT, TV & Studios 34:47 - OTT vs. TV: Is there a comparison? 39:59 - How does India watch Content? 44:05 - Dive into Cinema: Multiplex vs. Single-Screen 47:04 - Regional Diversity in Cinema 49:04 - Insights into Gender Behaviour & Demographics 50:48 - Revenue Tango: Producers & Multiplex 54:27 - Do OTTs Pose a Challenge to Multiplexes? 01:00:34 - Reviving Theatrical Magic Post COVlD 01:01:56 - Sports Streaming in India 01:04:31 - Subscriptions: The Psyche of the Consumer 01:06:30 - Future of the Sports-Cinemas Nexus 01:08:30 - Economics of Talent 01:16:40 - Creators' Crucial Role in the Content Ecosystem 01:22:00 - Should the Movie Business Model change? 01:38:00 - Writers, Scripts, Action : We Need Better Stories! 01:41:16 - The Celebrity Market 01:46:52 - Future of Content and Influencers 01:53:34 - Where is Media Heading? 01:57:40 - Gaming's Emergence: Threats & Transformations 01:59:26 - AI's Role in Content Creation 02:01:35 - OTT's Selection Criteria 02:04:33 - Distinguishing Unique Qualities of Major Talent 02:06:23 - Nikhil's personal opinion on panellists 02:08:59 - Second Edition : Pick A Charity and be part of something Incredible! 02:12:32 - A Surprise Jam Session 02:13:47 - Outro #Nikhilkamath #Podcast #WTFiswithNikhilKamath #WTFistheWorldofContent #Cinema #Movies #Media #Artists #OTT


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