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Ep. 1987 - The US Is Going BANKRUPT

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Ep. 1987 - The US Is Going BANKRUPT

19 Juni 2024

A frivolous political class faces down a tsunami of debt; Joe Biden pledges to legalize illegal immigrants; and Biden goes on an ad blitz against Donald Trump.   Click here to join the member-exclusive portion of my show:   Ep.1987   - - -    DailyWire+:   Join us live on Backstage for real-time coverage of the presidential debate on 6/27 at 8:30 PM ET on DailyWire+.   Get 10% off your tickets to Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot at   Get your Ben Shapiro merch here:   - - -    Today’s Sponsors:   ExpressVPN - Get 3 Months FREE of ExpressVPN:   Beam - Get 40% off for a limited time!   Envita Health - Learn more about their treatment options at or   Good Ranchers - Get $100 off PLUS FREE smoked brats for a year with promo code SHAPIRO:   PreBorn! - Help save babies from abortion:   - - -   Socials:   Follow on Twitter:   Follow on Instagram:   Follow on Facebook:   Subscribe on YouTube:


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