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Biden’s Push to End the War in Gaza

29 Menit

Biden’s Push to End the War in Gaza

5 Juni 2024

In an unexpected speech last week, President Biden revealed the details of a secret proposal intended to end the war in Gaza. Perhaps the most surprising thing was where that proposal had come from. Isabel Kershner, a reporter for The Times in Jerusalem, explains Mr. Biden’s gambit and the difficult choice it presents for Israel’s leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Guest: Isabel Kershner, who covers Israeli and Palestinian affairs for The New York Times. Background reading:  Mr. Biden called for an end to the war in Gaza, endorsing an Israeli cease-fire proposal. Mr. Netanyahu answered the call for a truce by insisting on the “destruction” of Hamas. For more information on today’s episode, visit Transcripts of each episode will be made available by the next workday.


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