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164. What is Happening in Taiwan? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

25 Menit

164. What is Happening in Taiwan? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

8 Agustus 2022

Support the Podcast and Join my Patreon HERE -- CLICK HERE TO DONATE OR SUPPORT THE PODCAST!!!! - Is Taiwan part of China? There is no simple answer to this question, but it is an argument that is having major international consequences. China claims that Taiwan has always been part of Chinese territory…. But is this true? You may also like... 163. Are Dress Codes a Good Thing? (English Vocabulary Lesson) 162. Why is 2022 so Hot?? (English Vocabulary Lesson) How to Stay Motivated?? 161. Who Will be the Next Prime Minister of the UK? (English Vocabulary Lesson) INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast (  Blog - TRANSCRIPT - Vocabulary List Repercussion (n) - the effect that an action, event, or decision had on something, especially a bad effect The decrease in tourism has had serious repercussions for the local economy To inhabit (v) - to live in a place Those islands are inhabited only by birds Indigenous (adj) - used to refer to the people who originally lived in a place rather than people who moved there from somewhere else The indigenous people of Australia were discriminated against by the white settlers Expedition (n) - an organised journey for a particular purpose Hundreds of people have died on expeditions in the Himalayas Dynasty (n) - a series of rulers or leaders who are all from the same family, or a period when a country is ruled by them The Mogul dynasty ruled over India for centuries Nationalist (adj) - wanting your country to be politically independent In Asia, communists and nationalists battled for control in a number of countries To retake (v) - to take something such as a place or position into your possession again, often by force, after losing possession of it The military tried to retake power in 1999 To recognise (v) - to accept that something is legal, true, or important Taiwan is only recognised by 13 countries


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