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122. Ten Years of Kim Jong Un!: North Korea’s Last Decade Explained (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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122. Ten Years of Kim Jong Un!: North Korea’s Last Decade Explained (English Vocabulary Lesson)

15 Desember 2021

10 years ago, Kim Jong Un became leader of North Korea after the death of his father. In the following decade, the secretive country and its leader have rarely been out of the news. Let’s discuss what happened during North Korea’s past decade in this episode of Thinking in English! TRANSCRIPT - You may also like... 121. How to Start Your Own Country!!! (English Vocabulary Lesson) 120. Bye Bye Queen!: Why Did Barbados Become a Republic? (English Vocabulary Lesson) 119. Should 16 Year Olds Be Allowed To Vote?: Voting Ages explained!! (English Vocabulary lesson) 118. What is the Great Resignation?: Why are Millions of People Quitting Their Jobs? (English Vocabulary Lesson) INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary List Secretive (adj) - If something or someone is secretive, they don’t want others to know anything about them She is very secretive about her age Personality Cult (n) - official organised love for a particular person, especially a political leader Stalin establish a personality cult in the Soviet Union To force (v) - to make something happen, or make someone do something difficult, unpleasant, or unusual, especially by threatening or not offering the possibility of choice I have to force myself to be nice to him Heir apparent (n) - the person with the automatic right to legally receive all or most of the money, property, titles, etc. from another person when they die The Prince of Wales is the heir apparent to the throne of England To purge (v) - to get rid of people from an organisation because you do not agree with them Party leaders have purged the political party of extremists Noticeable (adj) - easy to see or recognize There has been a noticeable improvement in James’s cooking Repressive (adj) - controlling what people do, especially by using force Myanmar was taken over by a repressive military regime Hardship (n) - a condition of life that causes difficulty or suffering The 1930s were a time of high unemployment and economic hardship


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