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[Best of 2022] #76 - Learning Domain-Driven Design - Vladik Khononov

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[Best of 2022] #76 - Learning Domain-Driven Design - Vladik Khononov

26 Desember 2022

“Interactions with domain experts play a key role in implementing software. You have to make sure that you understand the problem you’re solving. You cannot provide a software solution without understanding the problem first." Today's clip is from episode 76 with Vladik Khononov, the author of “Learning Domain-Driven Design”. In this clip, Vladik shared why understanding business domain is crucial in software engineering and how DDD can help build the shared understanding between the domain experts and software engineers. Vlad also explained the importance of DDD's strategic design. Listen out for: Importance of Understanding Business Domain - [00:00:51] How Domain-Driven Design Helps - [00:06:21] DDD Strategic Design - [00:10:30] _____ Vladik Khononov’s Bio Follow Vladik: Twitter – @vladikk LinkedIn – Website – _____ Our Sponsors Mental well-being is a silent pandemic. According to the WHO, depression and anxiety cost the global economy over USD 1 trillion every year. It’s time to make a difference! Learn how to enhance your lives through a master class on mental wellness. Visit and enter TLJ20 for a 20% discount. Skills Matter is the global community and events platform for software professionals. You get on-demand access to their latest content, thought leadership insights as well as the exciting schedule of tech events running across all time zones. Like this episode? Subscribe on your favorite podcast app and submit your feedback. Follow @techleadjournal on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Pledge your support by becoming a patron. For more info about the episode (including quotes and transcript), visit


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