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Reddit communities revolt + Brad Gerstner on state of private and public markets in 2023 | E1761

Reddit communities revolt + Brad Gerstner on state of private and public markets in 2023 | E1761

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13 Juni 2023

This Week in Startups is presented by: LinkedIn Jobs. A business is only as strong as its people, and every hire matters. Go to to post your first job for free. Terms and conditions apply. Vanta. Compliance and security shouldn't be a deal-breaker for startups to win new business. Vanta makes it easy for companies to get a SOC 2 report fast. TWiST listeners can get $1,000 off for a limited time at iConnections is a platform to connect and meet with elite capital allocators through their online platform and bespoke events. The first 25 VC funds to sign up for iConnections Miami 2024 event in January of next year will receive a 20% discount! Head to to sign up today! * Today’s show: First up, Jason does a full breakdown of what’s going on at Reddit, and why this is happening now (1:21). Then, Brad Gerstner joins to break down the state of the markets in 2023 (18:28), his “Time to Get Fit” letter to Meta (30:06), and more! Brad’s fireside chat was recorded live at LAUNCH Angel Summit in Napa. Follow Brad: * Time stamps: (0:00) Jason tees up today’s segments! (1:21) Breaking down the Reddit situation: Why 2000’s-era web companies relied on third-party apps built on their API (3:10) Origin and current state of the Reddit revolt, CEO Steve Huffman’s AMA and comments (10:27) Jason’s hot takes on how to solve the third-party app API pricing issue, Reddit’s IPO price, and more (17:00) LinkedIn Jobs - Post your first job for free at (18:28) Brad Gerstner joins live from Angel Summit! Importance on non-consensus conviction, first-party research, how Brad first invested in Facebook (29:00) Vanta - Get $1000 off your SOC 2 at (30:06) Brad breaks down the greatness in Zuckerberg and Meta’s reaction to his “Time to Get Fit” letter (34:08) Current state of the markets (38:05) iConnections - Get 20% off iConnections Miami 2024 event at (39:48) Predicting what the AI innovation cycle will look like when compared to past cycles: pc, internet, mobile, cloud; why now is the most important time for AI investing * Read LAUNCH Fund 4 Deal Memo: Apply for Funding: Buy ANGEL: Great recent interviews: Brian Chesky, Aaron Levie, Sophia Amoruso, Reid Hoffman, Frank Slootman, Billy McFarland, PrayingForExits, Jenny Lefcourt Check out Jason’s suite of newsletters: * Follow Jason: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: * Follow TWiST: Substack: Twitter: YouTube: * Subscribe to the Founder University Podcast:


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