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99. Should We Colonize Space? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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99. Should We Colonize Space? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

6 September 2021

Should we colonize space? Should humans leave Earth and try to make the Moon, or Mars, or another planet our new home? Is this even something worth considering? This episode of Thinking in English will try to answer some of these questions, and will provide an overview of the debate surrounding space colonization! TRANSCRIPT - You may also like... 52. The Missions to Mars: Why are the USA, China and UAE all heading to the red planet? (English Vocabulary Lesson) 29. China Lands on the Moon: Are we on the Verge of a New Space Race? (English Vocabulary Lesson) CONTACT ME!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary List To thrive (v) - to grow, develop, or be successful His business is thriving in the current economy Propulsion (n) - a force that pushes something forward He modified his car to use jet propulsion To colonize  (v) - to send people to live in and govern another country (or place) Peru was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century Astronomer (n) - someone who studies astronomy. Astronomy is the scientific study of the universe and the objects that exist in space like the moon, the sun, planets, and stars He is an astronomer at a prestigious research university Proponent (n) - a person who speaks publicly in support of a particular idea or plan of action He is one of the leading proponents of leaving the EU Catastrophic (adh) - causing sudden and very great harm or destruction An increase in the use of fossil fuels could have catastrophic results for the planet To terraform (v) - in books, films or games about an imagined future, to change the environment of a planet so that it is more like Earth and could be a place where humans could live Can we terraform Mars? Inhospitable (adj) - not suitable for humans to live in They had to trek for miles through inhospitable countryside


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