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If You Only Listen to One Podcast This Week, Make It This Episode

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If You Only Listen to One Podcast This Week, Make It This Episode

25 Desember 2023

Want to know the ONE thing you should do this week?   Today’s episode is essential listening and exactly what you need to hear right now.    In this episode, you will learn: The one question to ask yourself that will immediately improve your day. How to make time for yourself when your schedule is jam-packed. The reason many influencers seem to have perfect lives. The ONLY advice that will actually work for you. Figure this out and you’ll feel better about your life. The embarrassing thing Mel does in her bathtub. How to stop your negative self-talk so you can enjoy life. The song Mel listens to when she needs to chill and let go of her thoughts. The difference between taking a break and being lazy. The difference between taking a break, procrastination, and making excuses.    This is an encore episode that you’re going to love.   It also comes with a free companion workbook to help you make 2024 your best year. This zero-cost workbook is designed using the latest research to help you get clear about what you want and empower you to take the next step forward in your life. And the cool part? It takes less than a minute for you to get your hands on it.   Just sign up at   Watch the episodes on YouTube:   Follow Mel: Instagram: The Mel Robbins Podcast Instagram: LinkedIn: TikTok:   Sign up for my newsletter:   Want more resources? Go to the podcast page here.  Disclaimer


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