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Bibit: Building Trust In A Category That's New To Consumers

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18 November 2021

Building trust with first-time consumers is critical for any brand - particularly where their money is concerned. In 2019, Sigit Kouwagam and Wellson Lo launched Bibit, a robo-advisor that makes it easy for Indonesians to start investing and build a portfolio. The country’s stock market, which has long been dominated by institutional investors, is now attracting more retail investors as Millennials and Gen Z look for new ways to grow their savings. The Bibit team started a Telegram group early in their product journey and invited users to share complaints, ideas and questions. Some of the app’s key features - such as a shared portfolio for spouses and an auto debit function - emerged from that customer feedback. On this episode of Moonshot, Sigit chats with Rohit Agarwal, a principal at Sequoia India & SEA, about how Bibit is empowering Indonesians to make sound investment decisions, and building a brand that first time investors trust by actively engaging with them.   Show Notes The evolution of Indonesia’s retail investors and creating products with their concerns in mind (03:34) Lessons from Bibit’s landlord on opening communication channels with their users (09:34) Tapping into Indonesia’s changing investment ecosystem (13:58) Empowering Indonesians to make sound investment decisions (21:24) Getting your customers to become your ambassadors of trust (24:18) Questions to ask yourself before taking the entrepreneurship leap (28:25)


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